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Title: Μελέτη Και Εγκατάσταση Εργαλείων Εντοπισμού Και Παγίδευσης Κακόβουλων Ενεργειών (honeypots) Σε Υποδομές Νεφοϋπολογιστικής (cloud Infrastructures)
Authors: Αικατερίνη Σάρλου
Κοζύρης Νεκτάριος
Keywords: honeypot
cloud computing
information security
cyber attacks
port scanning
web scanning
brute force attempts.
Issue Date: 26-Mar-2015
Abstract: The purpose of this diploma thesis is the examination of the different types of Honeypots, the deployment of the existing technology on ~okeanos (IaaS) platform and finally, the extraction of statistical results and conclusions about the types of cyber attacks that target ~okeanos service.Firstly, we present and explain the different types of Honeypots and afterwards, based on specific evaluation criteria, we select the most suitable tool to implement. Then, we describe the techniques that were used for the appropriate configuration of the tool. Also, we outline the additional tools that were used for the successful operation of the tool and for the export of the statistical results. Finally, we present and evaluate the results that were produced. The need for the implementation of the present diploma thesis was based on the increasing security requirements of the ~okeanos’ production environment and the necessity of different incident handling methods due to the complexity and the frequency of the attacks that are reported from ~okeanos’ incident response team (CERT).For these reasons, we consider that this diploma thesis presents an integrated approach, which meets the above objectives as a solution for the identification and the interpretation of the malicious attempts that target ~okeanos service.
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