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Title: Photovoltaic Lighting Systems
Authors: Νικόλαος Σκοπελίτης
Τοπαλής Φραγκίσκος
Keywords: photovoltaic lighting systems
Issue Date: 3-Nov-2008
Abstract: This Thesis paper presents the various applications of photovoltaic lighting that exists up to date, but focuses on the following applications: 1. Parking Lot Lighting; 2. Street lighting (post-top luminary- pedestrian lighting); and 3. Pathway lighting (Indicator Luminary). I will present what photovoltaic lighting is in general and in detail (for all applications), the different applications that exist for photovoltaic lighting, and the various components of a photovoltaic lighting system (in particular the components for systems used in applications 1, 2 and 3 written above). Then I will present the four steps that someone must take before choosing whether or not to use PV lighting systems for applications 1,2 and 3, which are as follows: The first step is to define "the six needs The second step is that we must prioritize the six needs (A to F) according to what we believe is the most to least important; The third step is that we must analyze each system (PV and Grid powered) within each need (A to F), and then observe in which needs (A to F) is it better to use a PV lighting system and in which needs (A to F) is it better to use a Grid powered lighting system; Finally, the fourth step is that we must decide on which system (PV or Grid powered) is best to use overall- this depends on the decision we made regarding prioritizing in the second step and the results obtained through analysis in the third step. Regarding the four steps just mentioned, I will first present steps 1 and 3 together- in other words I will define "the six needs" (first step) which include benefit/cost to environment, light output and system/component efficiency- then I will analyze "the six needs" (step 3) in general and then more specifically by including examples. After defining and analyzing the "the six needs", I will present step 2, step 3 again (looking at the overall picture of analysis-detailed analysis done earlier), and step 4. I will then demonstrate the process in which one sizes a PV panel ("Sizing a PV panel") for two applications (using two examples)- Note that this belongs with step 3 (the analysis of "F. Efficiency needs")- By determining the size of a PV panel we are simultaneously determining the size of the entire system (i.e. sizing all components). Finally I will present my conclusions about Photovoltaic (PV) lighting systems based on all of the information that I have presented in this thesis paper.
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