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Title: Implementation Of Advanced Beam Abort Algorithms And Electronics For The Atlas Diamond Beam Conditions Monitor (bcm)
Authors: Σπαθαρακης Χρηστος
Αβαριτσιώτης Ιωάννης
Keywords: bcm
pcvd diamond
beam abort algorithms
trigger adder
analog electronics
pulser circuit
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2010
Abstract: During the operation of the the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest operational particle accelerator, located at CERN, Geneva, the enormous energy levels (up to 7 TeV) of the colliding beams pose a considerable danger to the operating detectors (from the high radiation doses caused by LHC beam incidents). Experience from previous experiments led to the development of a dedicated system for every detector, capable of detecting anomalous beam incidents within strict time limits. The diamond Beam Condition Monitor (BCM) detector, innermost sub-system of the ATLAS detector was developed to meet these requirements. pCVD diamonds are used, the only sensing material capable of surviving and adequately performing under such hostile radiation environment. The BCM detector is responsible for the online monitor of the beam and triggers a beam abort signal in case of beam instability. Moreover the BCM detector provides beam luminosity measurement and six trigger signals to the other ATLAS sub-detectors in case of interesting beam events.For the purposes of this thesis, two different abort algorithm extensions were implemented in order to enhance the efficiency of the beam abort decision. Furthermore, a VME based system was developed in order to encode, add and synchronize the outputs of the trigger signals. Finally, within this thesis, a study of the diamond detectors and the analog front-end electronics of the BCM detector, is presented and discussed, including the study for the implementation of a pulser circuit.
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