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Title: Navigating A Virtual Environment Using Eye Movements
Authors: Αποστολόπουλος Στέφανος
Ουζούνογλου Νικόλαος
Keywords: virtual reality
brain-computer interfaces
human-computer interaction
eye movements
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2012
Abstract: Virtual Environments have been used over the years in entertainment, educational and re- habilitation contexts. User immersion within such environments can be improved not only by optimizing the graphics and design of the environment per se, but also by allowing users to navigate them in a natural fashion. Hence, the purpose of this thesis is twofold: first, to develop a virtual environment that can explored via multiple Human-Computer Interaction methods and, second, to implement a navigation method using eye movements.To that end, a realistic 3d labyrinth was constructed using state of the art graphics algo- rithms. The visual motif was inspired by Greek mythology, while the geometry of the envi- ronment was based on a pseudo-random labyrinth generator, providing a unique, but re- peatable, experience to users. Simulation of light and shadows, water movement, light bloom, refraction and reflection were implemented to increase user immersion. All effects were rendered in real time and presented using stereographic projection on the Immersive Power Wall (CAVE) of the Virtual Reality Laboratory in the Institute of Communication and Computer System.User navigation within the environment was achieved through a network communication protocol that can transfer input signals from diverse input sources. In the context of this thesis, the environment was tested with a computer keyboard, mouse and electrooculog- raphy (EOG). Ultimately, users were able to navigate the labyrinth solely through eye movements. This was achieved by recording and decoding EOG signals in real time using signal processing techniques.Overall, this project represents a generic platform that is suitable for developing, testing and comparing different ways of navigation.
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