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Title: Image Sonification (shape, Color, Texture)
Authors: Σάββας Καζάζης
Καμπουράκης Γεώργιος
Keywords: image sonification
auditory display
visually impaired
sound design
Issue Date: 5-Apr-2013
Abstract: This diploma thesis deals with image sonification and addresses themost common problems found in the field which are dealing with thesonification of shape, color and texture. While most approaches arebased on user interaction, we have achieved to establish a one-to onerelationship between the image and the sonfiied result. By usingperceptually meaningful mappings, the properties of an image are directlyreflected to the audio domain in a very predictable way. If thetask is to convey information, the listener can draw conclusions aboutthe image by decoding the sonfied result. Otherwise, using imagesonification as a tool to aid sound design, can yield many interestingaudio results that are hard to achieve by using only the existing audiobased techniques.
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