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Title: Speech Codecs Analysis, Basic Arithmetic Operations Profiling And Efficient Hardware Mapping
Authors: Papanikolaou Michail
Πεκμεστζή Κιαμάλ
Keywords: speech coding
waveform codecs
parametric codecs
hybrid codecs
g.722.2 g.723.1
c programming with matlab
profiling of arithmetic operations
arithmetic data dependencies
hardware design
verilog hdl
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2013
Abstract: The purpose of the present diploma thesis is the hardware design of an arithmetic unit forefficient implementation of speech codecs. First of all, that was an idea of Mr. N.Moschopoulos who noticed that nowadays execution of speech codecs is done mainly bygeneral purpose DSPs. It would be interesting to study arithmetic operations of speechcodecs and search for an efficient arithmetic unit that it could work as (a part of) anArithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) dedicated to speech applications.
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