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Title: Μελέτη Επίδοσης Συστήματος Plc Homeplug Command And Control Υπό Ρεαλιστικές Συνθήκες Κίνησης Σε Ευφυές Δίκτυο.
Authors: Καγιαννά Ιωάννα
Μήτρου Νικόλαος
Keywords: smart grid
smart grid applications
formal mathematical models
realistic traffic model
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2014
Abstract: Nowadays, the human society has a lot of needs and demands that constantly increase and technology is called to fulfill them. In the area of electricity supply, increasing load, security and convenience demands by consumers and markets have led to the evolution of the electricity grid to the contemporary Smart Grid. Intelligence, efficiency, security and reliability are some of the prominent characteristics that enable Smart Grid to play a determinant role in our era. This study aims to present a possible Smart Grid system and study its performance. First of all, ten Smart Grid applications that could possibly coexist in a future Smart Grid are described and then some mathematical models for the traffic that each application may produce are derived, based on data provided by the relevant literature. Afterwards, these models are combined to form a realistic complex model for the traffic produced in the system when all the applications are taken into account. Finally, theperformance of the system is studied and analyzed in termsof aggregate throughput for six different scenarios of working applications. The results presented in this work are derived by the use of a combination of analytical mathematical models and Matlab simulations.
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