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Title: Έλεγχος ασφάλειας δεδομένων σε νεφουπολογιστό περιβάλλον κατά τη διασυνοριακή παροχή τελικής υπηρεσίας
Authors: Mavroeidakos, Theodoros
Βαρβαρίγος Εμμανουήλ
Keywords: cloud, security,Personal Data, Security Assessment, Cross-Border Legislation of Personal Data
Issue Date: 25-Apr-2016
Abstract: The scope of this thesis was the security assessment of the management of personal data and the end-service in the context of cloud computing environment. The security criteria that govern the construction of the cloud computing environment arise out of the applicable law which controls the personal data flow. For this reason, a methodology is developed based on the cross-border legislation of personal data so as to construct the cloud computing environment and deploy the end-service. The methodology is applied on two distinct theoretical scenarios of cross-border collaboration on European and International level. Having constructed an infrastructure of a cloud computing environment for the scenarios then the assessment of the provided level of security took place. For that purpose, a wide spectrum of security assessment tools and exploitation methods are orchestrated. The results of the assessment are used so as to evaluate the effectiveness of the methodology and demonstrate defective directives of the cross-border legislation for personal data which permit certain types of attacks to take place. Specifically, the cloud computing environment is constructed by using the open-source software OpenStack version kilo. The environment and the operation of its internal services are parameterized by following the technical specifications which result from the proposed methodology. Having created the cloud computing environment, it is accomplished check about its proper operation and then the deployment of the end-service takes place. The security assessment is performed in the internal network architecture of the environment and on the end-service during its provision on the end-users.
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