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Title: Decision Support Framework for the Evaluation and Promotion of Dynamic Enterprise Networks
Authors: Markaki, Ourania
Ασκούνης Δημήτριος
Keywords: Dynamic Manufacturing Networks
DMN Management Model
Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Issue Date: 18-Nov-2019
Abstract: The PhD thesis at hand, titled “Decision Support Framework for the Evaluation and Promotion of Dynamic Enterprise Networks” focuses on the field of production networks, the establishment of which is constantly gaining ground as a result of the transformation of traditional supply chains. The key objective of this thesis lies more specifically in the study and exploration of the Dynamic Manufacturing Networks concept, thereby of a new type of manufacturing formations that is based on collaboration and transparency, with the ultimate goal of evaluating and promoting their acceptance and adoption by manufacturing enterprises in response to the requirements of the modern business environment. The contribution of the thesis is identified against two levels, those of: • Presenting and qualitatively investigating a pioneering and promising approach for the organisation and operation of collaborative manufacturing network formations. This approach models all phases of their life cycle and enables their end-to-end and close to real time management on the basis of a customisable metadata model and service-oriented architectural solutions that make it possible to ensure interoperability and increased levels of collaboration among the partners involved. • Analysing, modeling and evaluating the impact of adopting the production model, represented by these formations in terms of performance and risks with the help of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and hence the involvement of experts. Overall, the thesis sets the foundations for introducing a new, robust production model and provides the framework for documenting the results of its operation, thereby contributing to the creation of a sense of trust before an enterprise invests and proceeds essentially in its adoption in practice.
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