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Title: Ασφάλεια στα SDN Δίκτυα με την χρήση του Blockchain
Authors: Panaras, Orestis
Παπαβασιλείου Συμεών
Keywords: Security
Trusting Identity
Digital signatures
Software Defined Networks
decentralized networks
Issue Date: 1-May-2020
Abstract: The core of the Internet of the Future, information, is greatly distributed over networks. For the management, distribution of information as data sets, it is necessary to use reliable transmission media and mechanisms that ensure integrity. Moreover when such a distribution of data takes place, safeguard mechanisms are needed to make sure that no alteration of critical information has taken place which can potentially be harmful to any third parties. Asking how any part of information can be malicious in any way the answer is obvious. Data are not only images or document les, but con guration system les, rewall rules, passwords. The integrity and security of these is a major eld of research, especially when in many infrastructures, someone can nd sensitive information for the design and management of whole datacenters in a single central computing system or cleartext les. Therefore it is worth asking, how much value does a decentralized approach has in the sharing of any information, especially if the integrity and reliability of the latest can be ensured. In this thesis we will study and make a new approach to two very new technologies. The rst one is Software De ned Networks (SDNs), and the other is the technology of BlockChain. SDN in a sentence is a technology that seperates the level of control and data plane in a network and therefore manages to implement networks that their con guration can basically be dynamic and programmable, resulting in increased performance, exibility, and management. Blockchain, or a chain of blocks, is a method of storing a list of entries that after creation, it is very di cult to unlikely to change, and this is basically done by fragmentation. In this theses, we combine two core concepts of the above technologies which are opposite. For SDNs, the there is the idea of intelligence of centralization, which in fact is the main drawback regarding their security. In contrast, for BlockChain, decentralization via distributed ledgers, the core concept, provides credibility of any data which is written in the ledgers, without any central authority.
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