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Title: Συγκριτική Αξιολόγηση Συστημάτων Μη Σχεσιακών Βάσεων Δεδομένων Τύπου Κλειδιού-Τιμής
Authors: Grigorakos, Ioannis
Κοζύρης Νεκτάριος
Keywords: YCSB
key-value store database
hash table
Issue Date: 14-Oct-2020
Abstract: The purpose of this dissertation is the comparative evaluation of some of the most known open source key-value relational databases. The goal of the evaluation is to record and compare the way in which the different systems behave according to their arrangement, ie whether they are in a standalone state or being a node of a cluster, depending on the workload submitted to them, depending on the configuration and depending on the environment in which each system runs. The general methodology used is the analysis of these different systems initially at a theoretical level, based on the specifications and details of their implementation in order to be able to scientifically substantiate the findings of the experimental evaluation that followed. In particular, each system was evaluated with the YCSB tool, with the help of which its performance was measured and recorded, both in a virtual environment (virtual machines) and in a real environment (bare metal machine). Also, the use of computing resources (processing power and main power) was measured. The above measurements are presented in detail and commented, in order to objectively compare the systems and draw conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
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