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Title: Systematic Testing Of Concurrent Erlang Programs: Some Experiences
Authors: Τσιτσιμπής Ηλίας
Σαγώνας Κωστής
Keywords: erlang
software testing
model checking
test-driven development
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2013
Abstract: Concurrent programming has become increasingly widely used in the last decade. This can be explained by the increasing number of multiprocessor personal computers and the new trend of Cloud computing. Nevertheless, concurrent programming introduces a number of new errors not seen insequential programming and which traditional testing tools largely cannot easily detect.In this thesis we study Concuerror, a testing tool for concurrent Erlang programs, that aims to facilitate the task of detecting and eliminating concurrency-related errors. We also examine how Concuerror can be used in practice to test projects with thousands of lines of code, which may use many system libraries and implement complex communication protocols.
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